Sarah LaRose-Holland dancer, choreographer & presenter


with guests

Karlovsky & Company Dance



JUNE 2 - 3, 2017 - 7:30pm

JSB Tek Box @ The Cowles Center

Minneapolis premiere & collaboration performance!

RESILIENCE is a concert of contemporary modern dance with original choreography by Kinetic Evolutions Dance Company's artistic director, Sarah LaRose-Holland performed to the beautiful music of Butch Thompson. Joining Kinetic Evolutions' concert is guest choreographer Dawn Karlovsky and her company, Karlovsky & Company Dance from St. Louis. 

Events we experience in life may push or challenge us in ways we may or may not want to go. What we plan for doesn't always come to pass. How do we forge ahead & overcome? These moments contribute to the strength and depth of who we are, empowering us to become more resilient, to persevere. Resilience explores both the individual's journey & that of the people in their lives during these challenging times.

Tickets are $18/person and available for purchase at the door.

Make a reservation by emailing 

Watch some rehearsal footage of Kinetic Evolutions rehearsing RESILIENCE here:

Listen to Butch Thompson & Sarah LaRose-Holland talk about their 2015 show Captured Currents (bodies of water) online here:   

You'll also get to listen to many of the wonderful songs performed by Butch Thompson throughout the performance!  Enjoy!

Watch videos from the performance Captured Currents (bodies of water) on YouTube by visiting this playlist:

We are still uploading the videos and hope to have them all posted soon!



Kinetic Evolutions

Kinetic Evolutions is a modern dance company that performs virtuosic, dynamic and emotionally engaging work.  Based in Minneapolis and directed by Sarah LaRose-Holland, this dance company has performed throughout Minnesota since 2006. Annual performances include:  Dances at the Lakes Festival in Minneapolis in July and Dances on the Lakewalk in Duluth in July.

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Kinetic Kitchen

Sarah is the presenter of the Kinetic Kitchen Dance Series.  Performances take place at Patrick's Cabaret and feature professional and emerging dancers.  Kinetic Kitchen was formed in 2004.

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Our goal and our passion is work hard, entertain our fans, and just plain have fun. We are excited to be performing and hope to see you soon at a show – take a look at our calendar, or just drop us an email at


Audiences from the Minnesota Fringe Festival say Kinetic Evolutions is:

             “inventive, driven, playful”

                   “I grew increasingly captivated”

                  “I look forward to seeing more from this company”

                  “I love the movement, artistry and discipline”

                  “you don’t need to be a modern dance fan to love this show”

                  “lively and energy charged performance”

                  “the dancers were professional, vibrant and very talented”

                  “creative, clever”

                  “performed with great skill and love by a group of very talented dancers”

                  “highly recommended for fans of modern dance”

                  “my favorite of all the dance shows I've seen was Soiree Preview presented by Kinetic Evolutions”

                  “we’re hooked!”

Dance critic Lightsey Darst describes Sarah’s choreography, “LaRose’s (work) shocks with brave ambition…LaRose at once elevates our littleness to quiet nobility and humanizes this high music (Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata), calling attention to the arduous steps of its structure.”


Dance critic Caroline Palmer from the Star Tribune says "The program includes the witty, pratfall-driven quintet “Stuck in 5” and the rock-and-rhythm inspired “Visceral Experiences,” featuring propulsive live music from the band B-Line."

You Tube

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 Minneapolis, MN

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